The difference between success and failure is how well you can close the gap between what you know and what you don’t know. You can learn 70% of drug testing in six months, but the other 30% will take the next 15 years to learn. The problem is, that 30% is the key to success.

The Current Consulting Group, LLC (CCG) exists to help providers and their clients close that gap as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

CCG was born from numerous discussions over a decade or more, many of which involved trying to solve the issues that make up the 30%. CCG consists of several well-known experts in the field of employee screening, each with a depth of knowledge and experience that has resulted in distinguished careers in drug testing, background checks, and other screening services.

Each CCG consultant brings to the team his or her own viewpoints, but together we share a common passion to help service providers grow their business and employers get the most out of drug testing and other screening practices. We know that the industry is always progressing and that advances in technology and changes in law and even public opinion will continue to impact how each of us provides or uses drug testing and other employee screening services.

The mission of the Current Consulting Group is to create solutions that advance the employee screening industry and that improve the experience of companies that buy and sell screening services.