Current Compliance - Drug Testing

Current Compliance - Drug Testing is a comprehensive resource for employers, laboratories, third party administrators, device manufacturers, and anyone who needs to stay abreast of state drug testing laws.  Whereas anyone can look up drug testing statutes, it takes a keen eye to pick through the thousands of lines of statutes, codes, and case laws to know exactly what they all mean.  That is where Current Compliance - Drug Testing shines.  Each state, law type, and drug testing issue are fully analyzed and presented in an easy to read format that can be searched, adapted, and saved for policy creation, compliance review, or even marketing drug testing services.  Take a look below to learn more.

State Law Summaries

  • Choose a state from an interactive US map
  • See all law types summarized down to the key issues you need at a glance
  • Immediately know if a state is a Green Flag Go state or a Yellow Flag Caution state

Full Law Details

  • From a State Law Summary, navigate to any law to a see a Full Law Details report
  • Over 140 items of data for every state and law type, including drug testing, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana
  • Dissect a given law to see only what issues the law actually discusses

drug testing laws

Single Issue Reviews

  • Compare a given drug testing requirement or issue across all 50 states in one spot
  • Add or remove additional law types to compare drug testing with workers’ compensation, workers’ compensation with medical marijuana, and much more
  • Single Issue Reviews can be added by CCG in the blink of an eye – so if an issue is not already reported, it will be

drug testing laws

State Law Search

  • 140 items of data means no stone left unturned, but it can also be overwhelming
  • Pinpoint the exact line you need with a search matrix that lets you narrow your analysis down to the keyword
  • Save your favorite searches for quick recall