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40 teens state-wide in Oregon sought treatment in 2016 for marijuana poisoning.  That number is on the rise, as 70 teens have sought treatment for marijuana poisoning so far in 2017 in the state.  Symptoms brought to various Emergency Rooms or to the Oregon Poison Center have included anxiety, agitation, and hallucinations, all induced by marijuana.

While 70 cases state-wide is still a relatively small number, doctors and experts are still concerned about the increase that is occurring.  Although poisoning cases are up in teens across the state, Oregon teen past-month marijuana use has stayed relatively steady over the past few years, and nationwide teen past month marijuana use has increased slightly.

There is no antidote for marijuana poisoning and those teens that have been poisoned in the state have been instructed to simply “wait it out”.  No cases have been severe enough in Oregon over the past two years to result in a teen being hospitalizing and put on a ventilator.   There have been at least two cases in the past two years of children between 1-2 years of age consuming marijuana and experiencing poisoning.  One of those children’s cases was sever enough to require the use of a ventilator.

While there have been no deaths in Oregon due to marijuana use and/or poisoning, officials still advice that marijuana products remain locked away where those under age 21 cannot access them due to the detrimental effects that the psychoactive substance can have on the still-developing brain.  The rise in marijuana poisonings is perhaps due to the rise in potency of today’s marijuana compared to product that was sold in the past.

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