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Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law, like many others that have been implemented across the U.S., allows for employers to continue to drug test and enforce a drug-free work place policy.  The Philadelphia City Council, however, has decided to review this portion of the law in order to accommodate medical marijuana users.

The law currently eliminates the possibility of being criminally prosecuted for marijuana possession, but does not give medical marijuana users a pass on positive workplace drug tests.  While the City Council does not have the power to change the law, they are hoping their hearing will provide clarification on the issue in addition to providing possible adjustments that could be suggested to the state legislature for the law in the future.  City officials are hoping to avoid future court cases that would decide the situation as in other states.

What does this mean for employers?  Currently, nothing.  These are simply hearings, and are not being done by those in power to change the law.  However, employers should be aware of medical marijuana provisions in their states, and come up with a workplace drug testing policy that reflects those appropriately.

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