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Unemployment in Indiana is steadily dropping, meaning, in correlation, fewer people should be applying for jobs as they are not in need.  However, that is not the case in Indiana, where Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has found that only 88.5% of men ages 24-54 are in the labor force.  This is a significant drop from years before (50s-60s), where nearly all men of those ages were working.  Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve that the opioid crisis might be a factor in the amount of men joining the workforce.

Employers in Muncie, Indiana are largely in the manufacturing business.  A common complaint amongst these employers is that they could build and sell more, increasing profits, if they could hire and keep more workers, but up to 1/3 of applicants fail the pre-employment drug test, almost always because of opioids.  Some employers have halted drug testing in order to increase their workforce, however, that isn’t the best practice.

Muncie employers have had to let workers go for dealing drugs on company property, and instead of focusing on company expansion have had to focus on establishing a drug-free, safe workplace in order to bring in international business.  Companies have chosen to overlook some past drug related crimes, but in exchange have to have a robust workplace drug testing regime to ensure that old habits are not taken up again at the risk of other employees safety.

Some Indiana companies are simply taking out the risk factor that drug users pose by replacing entry level jobs with computers.  Drug users are more likely to leave a job after only a short amount of time, meaning that they rarely make it past entry level positions.

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