Cause Unknown, But Drug Use Established

All three workers involved in fatal Amtrak crash in 2016 tested positive for drug use, according to a new report released on Thursday.  While investigators were clear that the ultimate cause is still unknown, a positive drug test in any situation is a red flag.  Lack of communication and lax safety culture are still suspected to be the proximate causes of the derailment.

Marijuana, Cocaine, and Opiates – Drug Use On the Rise

The train engineer tested positive for marijuana, while the two workers on the tracks tested positive for cocaine and oxycodone (respectively).  These results came amidst a sharp increase in drug use in the railroad industry in general.  According to the Federal Railroad Administration, nearly 5 percent of all those involved in accidents in 2016 tested positive for illegal drugs.

This is an alarming increase over previous years.  In 2014, no one involved in a rail accident tested positive for drug use.  In 2015, only two individuals tested positive post-accident.  This is not a trend unique to post-accident testing.  In 2015, the rate of positive results in random testing increased 43 percent, after several years of flatlining.

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